How much time do I need to book?

If you're unsure of how much time you need to book for, check the examples below. Timing can vary depending on the placement and how detailed the design is, but a general guideline is if the design is roughly 20cm tall or larger then a full day should be booked. If smaller, a half day will often be sufficient.

Some examples of placements that will require a full day include:

  • a forearm piece on either the inner or outer forearm, from the wrist to elbow.
  • an outer bicep piece from the elbow to top of the arm.
  • a calf, shin or thigh piece exceeding 20cm in height
  • a knee
  • torso tattoos that exceed 15cm in diameter

Some examples of pieces suited to a half day booking:

  • a hand tattoo (that does not extend past the wrist)
  • a calf, shin, thigh, or arm piece that is less than 20cm in height
  • torso tattoos that are less than 15cm in diameter

Some pieces, like full sleeves, will require multiple appointments to complete. You can start your project by booking 1 full day appointment, and once I've received your intake form I can give you a guideline of roughly how many more sittings will be needed to complete the piece.

If you're still in doubt feel free to reach out through my contact form for guidance.

full day examples

half day examples

multi-appointment examples