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Will I get to see my custom design ahead of the appointment?

I draw all pieces just prior to your appointment. I do not send out drafts ahead of time but your design will be ready when you arrive to your appointment. If there is anything you’re unhappy with we can make edits together at that time until it is perfect. 

In the extremely unlikely event that a complete redesign is needed and we will not have time to make the necessary changes toether at your appointment, we will rebook you for the soonest possible appointment that suits your availability and your deposit will be carried over. 

Do you offer touch ups? 

Absolutely, I want to make sure that you are wearing the best possible version of my work. If your tattoo requires a touch up after it heals please send me an email or fill out a contact form and submit a photo of your piece healed up so I can see how much time I will need to book for you. Your touch up is free. 

Do you do cover ups or re-work other artists’ work? 

In most cases, yes. If the tattoo to be covered up is small and/or quite light you do not need to book an in-person consultation but it is always best to get in touch by email before booking to make sure it's a project I'm confident taking on. If it is a particularly dark or large cover up I may request that you book a free in-person consult so we can discuss all of the options available to us and I can better assess whether your existing piece can be adequately covered/altered. When in doubt send me a message, I’m always happy to chat! 

Can I change my idea for my tattoo after I’ve booked in?

There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind. If you’d like to go in a different direction to what you originally booked in for, contact me and let me know what your new idea is. As long as your new idea will fit the placement and sizing you have in mind and is subject matter I am capable of, I’m happy to accommodate you. 

What if you don't have any availability on the dates that I'm interested in?

If you don't see any availability that suits your schedule please reach out to me through my contact form. I do my best to be as accommodating as I can, if I'm able to adjust my work schedule to work with yours I'm happy to do so.

Can I use numbing cream for my appointment?

I don't typically recommend numbing cream as I often find it makes the skin harder to tattoo, more irritated, and can cause healing issues. That being said, if you feel you must use it, please get in touch ahead of your appointment so I can recommend a brand to you or approve the brand you would like to use. 

Can I bring a friend with me? 

I respectfully request that you come unaccompanied to your appointment unless it is a consultation. Daddy Long Legs is a private studio and in order to keep the atmosphere relaxing, comfortable and free from distraction for all clients and artists we would like to avoid groups in the tattooing area. 

What aftercare procedure do you recommend?

There are a few different options that I find quite effective but I don’t feel that aftercare should have a one size fits all approach. At the end of your appointment we will discuss your options together and choose the method that best fits your lifestyle and preferences. Regardless though you will need an unscented soap on hand to clean your tattoo post appointment. An aftercare lotion or balm can also be purchased in advance, or we stock products for sale at the studio if you prefer. 

Is there anything I shouldn’t book in without an in-person consultation first? 

Most of the time an in-person consult will not be necessary to book, but if you would like a cover up of a piece that is very dark or is palm-sized or larger then I would kindly request you book a consultation first.

If you would prefer to discuss your piece in person prior to booking you are of course welcome to book a consultation regardless of the size or subject matter; or, if you are not local or an in-person consultation is not convenient for you I am happy to discuss your project by email instead. 

How do I book an appointment for a convention or guest spot?

Please contact me directly to book an appointment slot if you are booking for a location other than Brisbane, as times and rates vary depending on location.

What’s the best way to prepare for my tattoo appointment? 

The best way to prepare for your appointment is to arrive well hydrated, fed and rested. If you can, aim for a full night of sleep the night beforehand and limit alcohol intake for 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Make sure to keep the area we are tattooing protected from the sun as we cannot tattoo burned skin. I also suggest light exfoliating 2-3x per week and moisturising the area daily for 1-2 weeks ahead of time.

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